Alli Elisabet Palmieri

is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, writer and self proclaimed rainbow based in Naarm{Melbourne}.

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Bod{ily} (Artwork)
Ornament and Grime (Artwork) Hygiene is the Religion of Fascism (Artwork)
Orange (Artwork)
Decor{um} ~ Distorted Bod (Artwork) Train, Tile, Chair Zine (Publication) Ador{e}nment, Caliper Journal (Publication)
XXX Toys (Artwork)
Moist  (Spatial Design)
Bod  (Artwork)
Em{bod}ied Wallpaper (Artwork)
You F?#~ing F%&k  (Publication)
Em{bod}ied Flora  (Jewellery Design)

Flirting & Queering
& Dancing Seriously
Frivolously Glitter
Everywhere Ooey
Gooey Ass Cheeks
On the Wall Licky
Licky Furry Hole

(© Alli Elisabet Palmieri 2020) 

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Alli uses their art, design and writing practices to unpack taboo conventions of normative paradigms, including the visceral and the sexual in relation to the built environment and human bodies. Addressing these themes through appropriating architectural conventions of purity and order, along with exploring feminine coded materials; Alli transgresses the boundaries of high culture. The language of their work is textural, flirtatious, decorative and often anti-serious, with the intention to queer the prevalent basis of established ideals.
Education: Honours of Interior Design, RMIT

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