Alli Elisabet Palmieri

is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, writer and self proclaimed rainbow based in Naarm{Melbourne}.

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Bod{ily} (Artwork)
Ornament and Grime (Artwork) Hygiene is the Religion of Fascism (Artwork)
Orange (Artwork)
Decor{um} ~ Distorted Bod (Artwork) Train, Tile, Chair Zine (Publication) Ador{e}nment, Caliper Journal (Publication)
XXX Toys (Artwork)
Moist  (Spatial Design)
Bod  (Artwork)
Em{bod}ied Wallpaper (Artwork)
You F?#~ing F%&k  (Publication)
Em{bod}ied Flora  (Jewellery Design)

Flirting & Queering
& Dancing Seriously
Frivolously Glitter
Everywhere Ooey
Gooey Ass Cheeks
On the Wall Licky
Licky Furry Hole

(© Alli Elisabet Palmieri 2020) 

Em{bod}ied Wallpaper

Digital Projections // 2019 

Manifesting relationships between body, textile and surface.

Em{bod}ied Wallpaper endorses possibilities for a new relationship between an interior and the human body; refusing the idea that the two are seperate entities. This negotiation between the body and space, sparks a dialogue of their intrinsic reverberation(1).

The term projection here is two fold :
1. Images are physically projected onto the body in space, along with; 2. A conceptual representation of the projection of values and governing social systems onto an individual.

By examining the body as space, its distinction from place is minimised. A mutual relationship between the body an its surroundings is produced, acknowledging their inherent affects on each other. A making and re making of spatial boundaries over time reinforces conservative power(2). By penetrating this cycle with acts of queering, it is disrupted, affording opportunities of new relationships to space.

“If the body is not a ‘being,’ but a variable boundary, a surface whose permeability is politically regulated, a signifying practice within a cultural field of gender hierarchy and compulsory heterosexuality, then what language is left for understanding this corporeal enactment, gender, that constitutes its ‘interior’ signification on its surface?(3) ~ Judith Butler

NOTES 1. Plouffe, Leila. “Body, Space Object.” The Site Magazine, May 07, 2018. body-space-object. 2. Ibid. 2. Rendell, Jane, Barbara Penner, and Iain Borden. Gender Space Architecture an Interdisciplinary Introduction. London: Routledge, 2007.